Dua Lipa Is Releasing A Song For Barbie THIS WEEK

This Barbie can't wait for the soundtrack of the summer.

Via @dualipa Instagram

Attention all Barbie fans, we are about to get possibly another look into what to expect from the new Barbie movie in the form of a song by Dua Lipa for the film’s soundtrack.

The singer shared the news on Instagram with an exciting teaser trailer for her song.

The clip starts with Dua taking off her shoes and having iconic Barbie feet, she then looks at the camera and blows a kiss before the title and release date of the song is revealed.

The song, titled Dance The Night seems to be playing in the background of the clip and is giving a disco vibe. It will be released this Friday just in time for the weekend, so there’s not much longer for us to wait!


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We cannot wait to hear it and to hopefully get a peek into Barbie a little more.

Dua captioned the post, “This Barbie has a song coming this week… FRIDAY MIDNIGHT BST 💖”

The clip also says “Barbie The Album” at the end, letting us know that we are in store for a lot of original music, probably by some other well-known artists, and potentially some songs by Margot and Ryan in character, who knows!


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We bet it will be the soundtrack of the summer though.

Dua Lipa will be appearing in the film as a mermaid Barbie which was revealed back in April thanks to the cast posters. We cannot wait to see what’s to come.