Emma Chamberlain Just Had Another Viral Interview


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Emma Chamberlain was once again doing the red-carpet interviews for Vogue at the Met Gala and her casual interview style, plus her being low key besties with many of the celebs, make the clips so entertaining to watch.

We know they’ll all be having a ball when they head inside together, so seeing their pre-event catch ups are like a peek at the social circles of the night ahead.

We saw Emma and Billie Eilish reveal they will be at the same table, Kylie and Emma agree to have some shots together once they get inside and even Simu Liu and the former YouTuber scheduled a catch-up once inside as he asked for her interior designer’s number.


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But the most memorable interview of the night, was one of not too many words. Move over Jack Harlow, Doja Cat has taken your thrown as funniest interview with Emma this year.

Emma threw her usual questions to the artist, who came dressed as a fashion forward version of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette, took the character very seriously during her interview with Emma, only answering in with the word, “meow”.

Emma, being a cat person and well used to interviewing celebs, continued the chat as if she understood what Doja was saying. A true pro.


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The clip has gone viral with over 7.5 million views on Vogue’s TikTok as of now.

Last year, the most viral clip went to Jack Harlow, who told Emma he “loved” her at the end of the chat leading to a hilarious awkward moment.

This year the pair chatted again and referenced the iconic moment by saying “love ya” at the end while posing for a pic. We love it.


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We are already excited to see what happens at next year’s Met!