Everything We Know So Far About The Crown Season 6

You need to see the behind-the-scenes videos!

Filming for The Crown season six has started and we are, of course, all fan-girling over the actors set to play Prince William and Kate Middleton. We will be watching the royal romance unfold again as Will and Kate make their debut on the show as a couple. The behind-the-scenes clips we are seeing on TikTok are everything and the casting is spot-on.

Prince William will be played by two different actors in the series, Rufus Kampa will portray Will at the age of 15 while Ed McVey will play him during his university years. Meg Bellamy will play university Kate Middleton at the time when herself and William attended the University of St. Andrews.


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As you’ve probably seen online, some students at St. Andrews have already spotted the crew filming around the school and have caught glimpses of the show for fans who are awaiting the next season.

Many have jumped straight to TikTok to share some insights – and they did not disappoint.

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I mean, come on! Also, why are we kind of obsessed with William’s clothes?

Season six of the show will also see the death of Princess Diana, who is played by Elizabeth Debicki. While there was some controversy from the public about the filming of Diana’s death, The Crown season six is still highly anticipated, and we’re sure they’ll treat the event with as much sensitivity as possible.


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Will this season be the last? We hope not! The Crown has given us all an insight into the Royal Family, but it’s looking likely that the coming few episodes will indeed mark the end of the show.

Netflix is still set to confirm a release date for season six, and we can only hope it is sooner rather than later. Fans, however, have speculated it will be late 2023 or even early 2024 before we see the new episodes.

Watch this space!