Everything We Learnt From Kourtney And Travis’ Wedding Special

Here's the rundown!

We’ve waited a long while to get the true insight into the three (3) weddings of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

And the moment is finally here! Till Death Do Us Part: Kourtney And Travis, is now streaming on Disney+ and it covers all three of their wedding days, and every detail we didn’t get from the social media posts.

We have gathered some of the most memorable moments from the show to give you a rundown of what to expect if you’ve not had the chance to tune in yet.

Here is everything we learned from the special!

1. They want to have another wedding

Yes, Kourtney and Travis discuss wanting to have “at least one more” wedding while reminiscing on the other three. Kourtney suggests maybe next time it will be just the two of them present, but whatever it is, there’s no doubt it’ll be any less rock’n’roll than the others.

2. The Elvis impersonator thought Kourtney was Khloe 

At their Vegas wedding, following the Grammys, Kourtney and Travis were married by an Elvis impersonator. During the ceremony began, he called her Khloe, asking Travis to repeat him and say, “I, Travis, take you, Khloe, to be my wife.” Kourtney fell on the floor laughing and wanted to call her sister to let her know. We’re glad she saw the funny side of it, luckily the names were right the other two times.

3. Travis’ son Landon almost didn’t make it to Italy


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Landon walked off two planes before ending up flying with Kim Kardashian to Kourtney’s wedding in Portofino, Italy, last year. The 19-year-old explained that the take-off and landing was the “scariest” part for him.

His dad Travis was in a plane crash in 2008 in which four out of the six people on board died. He only started flying again when he was with Kourtney. In the episode he explains, “My plane crashed on take-off so, take-offs are terrible for me. I’m still equally afraid of flying as I always was, but it’s not something that can hold me back or I can be afraid of anymore.”

Thank goodness Landon made it!

4. They edited Devin Booker out of the episode


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Kendall Jenner brought her now ex-boyfriend Devin Booker as her date to the wedding, but in the episode he is barely visible. If you’re really looking you can spot him as a blurry background face or a back-of-the-head in some brief shots, but other than that it’s like he was never there. This is good for Kendall, at least it means if she wants to look back on her sister’s wedding, she won’t have to see her ex constantly.

TikTok star Huddy (aka, Lil Huddy or Chase Hudson) is also nowhere to be seen on the episode. He was formerly friends with Landon and appeared in pictures from the big day, but the pair seem to have fallen out since Landon started dating Charli D’Amelio, who is Huddy’s ex.

5. Mason isn’t on camera

Kourtney’s eldest son Mason seems to have opted out of appearing on the show. He is not seen on the episode, there is a moment that might be the back of his head but other than that he can’t be seen hanging out with the family at all during the trip.

He was present, however as he was snapped in a selfie with a guest at the wedding and was seen in some pictures in Italy from May last year. It is likely that as he has gotten older, he may have asked not to be included in the show, which the family seem to have taken very seriously.

6. Machine Gun Kelly referred to Megan Fox as his wife


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MGK and Megan Fox were at the event and MGK can be heard telling people he is “looking for [his] wife”. The pair are engaged and have been rumoured to have broken up and gotten back together in the last while. We aren’t sure whether the pair have secretly tied the knot, or if he is just already referring to Megan as his wife.

7. Kourtney got her dad’s wedding ring

Kris Jenner gifted Kourtney the wedding ring she had when married to Robert Kardashian, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe’s dad. The sentimental gift meant a lot to Kourtney, who admits she never thought she’d get married when her dad passed away as he wouldn’t be there to walk her down the aisle. It was such a sweet moment, and Kris walked Kourtney down the aisle in the end.

If you want to watch for yourself, tune in on Disney+ now!


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