First Look: Ron Tells Lana He Wants To Get To Know Samie And The Villa Receives A Surprising Text

We don't think Lana will be happy...

On tonight’s episode, Ron opens up to Lana about his feelings towards Samie, considering he did the same with Ellie and that didn’t go down too well we’re guessing there’ll be some drama.

Ron has been exploring his feelings toward Samie by having chats with her over the past few days, we have seen him engage in very flirty banter with her as well as chatting to some of the other lads (Kai) about possibly being in her ‘top three’.

He has had a spark with Lana since the beginning but has been picked by other girls at recouplings, preventing them from being coupled up. He has been warned by some of the other guys about losing Lana if his head turns again, so he must be very into Samie to be risking it.

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Tonight, Ron tells Lana, “Samie pulled me for a chat, I do find the girl attractive, she is my type and she is a nice girl so I’m going to get to know her a little bit. I don’t want you to feel like you’re not my main priority, that does not change. If I close myself off completely I’ll never know whether or not you’re the best for me.”

Lana listens and begins to look away as Ron asks, “Talk to me…”

We’re pretty sure we can guess what she’s going to say already Ron…

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As well as these two possibly hitting the rocks the villa will be hit with a surprise text on tonight’s episode. Does this mean we’ll be seeing Maya Jama return? Today, the host shared a video of herself getting a facial treatment and told followers it was the “pre South Africa glow”. So it might not be tonight, but it could mean this weekend has a twist in store!

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