Gigi Hadid Talks About Being A ‘Nepo’ Baby

via Instagram/Yolanda Hadid

Gigi Hadid admitted that she’s “technically a nepotism baby” when speaking in an interview with the Sunday Times.

She continued saying that while her parents came from nothing that she always acknowledged what a privileged life herself and her siblings led thanks to their parents, while she understood that privilege she still worked hard and was polite and kind to others.

She said: “My parents told me, ‘Just because you have parents who were successful, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t walk into the job being as nice and as hard-working as you can be'”.


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27-year-old Gigi was born to her parents Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid, a Palestinian – American couple that were married from 1994-2000. They have 2 other children together Bella and Anwar and are grandparents to Gigi’s two-year-old daughter, Khai.

Gigi mentions just how hard it is to have any kind of relationship when you’re in the public eye, everybody is always linking you to people even if you just went for a quick chat.

She said: ” I don’t know how anyone expects anybody they see in the public eye to have any sort of normal dating experience if you tie people to one another so quickly”.