Harry Styles And Florence Pugh Allegedly Kissed Off Camera While Filming DWD

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We all know the drama surrounding the cast of DWD by now and with the film already out and the press tour being over we didn’t think there’d be much more coming out, but of course, with any celebrity drama there always seems to be something new!

The latest story from the set is that Harry Styles and Florence Pugh may have had a cheeky kiss before Harry began dating Olivia Wilde.

According to The Sun, a source said, “Harry and Florence had chemistry from the off, which translated incredibly well on-screen. One night they had a bit of a snog, all very light-hearted and a bit of fun, and that was that. It was being gossiped about by a couple of members of production, otherwise no one would have known.

“Harry was very much single at the time and Florence had separated from Zach Braff, although she’d kept the split quiet to — ironically — avoid headlines. There was no cheating or misbehaviour from anyone.

“However, later on, Harry and Olivia started spending more time together — sneaking off for coffees, hanging out in one another’s trailers, and sharing small, routine intimacies. It was clear to all they had a real connection. When they were pictured holding hands for the first time, Florence wasn’t too happy.


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“There was already tension between the two women and this undoubtedly fanned the flames.”

If this did happen, could it be where all the drama started? Who knows! As of now, Harry and Olivia seem to be going strong and Florence is busy promoting her new film The Wonder, which actually premiered in Ireland last night!

The Oscar nominated actress attended the premiere at The Light House Cinema in Smithfield, and even enjoyed some pints of Guinness beforehand!

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