Here’s All The Latest Drama On Chrishell Stause And Nicole Young’s Feud

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As Christine Quinn packed her bags and fled The Oppenheim Group, we all mourned the loss of drama we assumed was headed our way, boy were we wrong. The drama is bigger and more jaw dropping than ever!

In the show’s newest cat-fight both on and off the screen, Selling Sunset OG Chrishell Stause and newcomer Nicole Young are well and truly taking the feud to a whole different level. While Nicole vehemently denies the accusations, Chrishell, who is no stranger to having to defend herself,  has a bounty of receipts, proving the feuding is far from over.

So what exactly happened between these two to cause this much chaos in such a short amount of time? Nicole, who has been part of The Oppenheim Group since 2014, before joining the cast of Selling Sunset this season has accused Chrishell of taking credit for her previous listings.

The feud came to a head in episode seven of season six, when Chrishell questioned whether it was just wine in Nicole’s glass as she had “been a little ‘cracked’ out all night”.

Chrishell also accused Nicole of using drugs at other events including Mary’s bachelorette party – to which Mary vehemently disagreed stating the claim as “damaging”.

Nicole revealed to Mary and fellow cast member Chelsea the following day, that she had consulted her lawyer and completed a drug test, proving the allegations to be “1000% false”.


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However, it seems just because the cameras have stopped rolling doesn’t mean the girls have stopped fighting. After the debut of season six, Chrishell took to her social media to provide receipts, sharing screenshots of alleged messages she had received from Nicole prior to the commencement of filming for season six.

She captioned the post: “This goes out to those who love facts.”

The messages included Nicole asking for advice surrounding the logistics of the show and also asking Chrishell to go for lunch so she could share the ins and outs of what they did during filming.

We’re waiting patiently for season seven so we can watch the drama unfold even more!



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