Here’s The Bizarre Connection Between Emily In Paris And The Hills

She will always be known as the girl who DID go to paris.

Did the iconic reality TV show The Hills foreshadow Emily’s adventures in the fictional series Emily In Paris? Well, kind of.

If you have ever watched The Hills you may remember when Lauren went to Paris (although you are probably more likely to remember when she didn’t go, but more on that later).


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In season three Lauren heads to the City Of Love and lives out her dream, despite the trip being low-key ruined by the news that Brody has found someone new, yikes. But Lauren isn’t the only fashionista living it up in Paris in the episode.

Actress Lily Collins makes a cameo, before she was Emily in Paris, she was Lily in Paris! Lily can be seen smiling and posing front row with the new young debutantes and models to be highlighted at the Crillon Ball.

It’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment but eagle-eyed fans have spotted it and made a link to Lily’s current iconic character Emily in Paris!

Lily also somewhat confirmed the connection by sharing a TikTok to her instagram with the caption, “I repeat: Lauren walked so Emily could run. I love the internet…”


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Lily also shared her tweet from November where she wrote, “Lauren didn’t go to Paris so Emily could” along with a video of the iconic moment Lauren Conrad became “the girl who didn’t go to Paris”.

We are loving this celeb cameo, how cool would it be if they got Lauren to cameo as herself in Emily in Paris since she has her own clothing brand now? Full circle!

Producers we’re looking at you!