Here’s Why Spencer And Vogue Weren’t At Jamie Laing’s UK Wedding

They are setting the record straight.

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Made In Chelsea stars Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo tied the knot in the UK over the weekend ahead of their main celebration in Spain later this year.

But fans noticed that Jamie’s best friend Spencer Matthews and his wife Vogue Williams were missing from the big day. The couple have since revealed that they have been getting some backlash for not attending and wanted to set the record straight.

Speaking on their podcast Spencer And Vogue, Spencer said, “I’m being absolutely hammed for ‘snubbing’ my best friend’s wedding to go on holiday… I’m not here to bitch about my best friend but there’s been some serious miscommunication from him.

“I just want set the record straight, I’m not here to whinge. I was not invited to this part of Jamie’s wedding, and neither was Vogue.”


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Spencer went on to explain that Jamie originally told him that the registry was a “very small family thing”. Spencer and Vogue were on a family holiday at the time of the UK ceremony.

Spencer continued, “I get home from Portugal and there is an article saying I’ve snubbed his wedding and in the pictures, he’s surrounded by groomsmen and his mates and quite frankly, I’m like ‘What the f**k is happening here?’

“I’ve got an inbox full of furious people that I’m not there, and I’m actually quite pissed off myself to be honest that I’ve not got the call up. So I called him the following day and he just said that the day wasn’t supposed to be what it turned out to be.


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“That there was never supposed to be groomsmen and bridesmaids there, but they decided to make more of a thing of it and I was away so it just didn’t cross his mind to call me.”

Spencer also said he would have flown home for the occasion if he had known, but that there isn’t any beef between the pair, “It’s water under the bridge now.”

Vogue added that they were not fighting with the couple and that all was smooth between them, while Spencer clarified that Jamie has since apologised “profusely” for the misunderstanding.


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