Is Season 2 Of Daisy Jones And The Six Happening?

The cast would “love a season two!”

Suki Waterhouse, Riley Keough, Sam Claflin and the rest of the gang are ready to get back on stage with their instruments for season two of Daisy Jones and The Six, but they say the decision is not in their hands.

Suki told E!News: “It would be so nice to do a season two. I would love that. We just have to figure out the story.”

The ex-model also noted that the cast and crew would have to consult Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of the Daisy Jones and The Six book, on the plot points and characters for season two.

It seems that cast have such a love for the show that they’ve even been coming up with their own story lines for season two, with the most popular being a reunion tour.

Suki laughed and said: “We have a lot of silly ideas, I guess it could be a reunion tour.”

Sam Claflin is currently working with her on an unnamed project but both have said it feels weird filming without the rest of the gang.

She said: “It makes me feel sad. We’re like, ‘where is everyone else?'”

While nothing has been 100% confirmed in terms of the TV show, it seems there could be an IRL tour in the works.

Suki noted: “We are all actively talking about it, and I heard just in my own camp that people really want us to go on tour, like in a very serious way. People really want that to happen.”

The big question is, is Suki Waterhouse down to tour? Of course she is! She even has her dream venues picked out.

She said: “I would love to do like a two-month tour, but with all of us being actors that are already doing other projects, I think that might be a little tough.”

“My dream is three nights, like Madison Square Garden, the Fonda in L.A. or the El Rey—three iconic places and then maybe Royal Albert Hall in London,” she continued.

How cool would that be?!


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