Kelsey Parker Pens Heartfelt Post For The Late Tom Parker

via Instagram/ Kelsey Parker @being_kelsey

Kelsey Parker has shared a heartfelt tribute to her late husband Tom Parker on Instagram, to mark the first Valentine’s Day since his tragic death in March 2022.

Kelsey reflected on her precious time with Tom throughout the post even detailing their final Valentine’s Day together at the time not knowing how little time they had left together.

Tom who tragically passed away after a battle with a terminal brain tumour last year, was a member of the popular British band The Wanted along with Max George, Nathan Sykes, Siva Kaneswaran and Jay McGuiness.

via Instagram/ Kelsey Parker @being_kelsey

Kelsey shared a photo of herself and Tom kissing, she wrote: “This time last year I was full of hope. We were in Spain where Tom was in daily therapy and he was the strongest and healthiest he’d been in a long time”.

The mum of two continued on stating she was lucky enough to spend Valentine’s along with another 3 weeks with the love of her life realising that at the time she never could have known how precious their time together was or “imagined the pain that was ahead”, adding “now, a year later, I’m facing the anniversary of a whole year without you Tom”.

Kelsey revealed that she was unsure about posting for Valentine’s Day but felt she ultimately needed to so people could understand just how she feels but also to help anyone going through a similar situation in their own lives.

“I’m angry, sad, lonely, wishing more than anything that none of this happened to us. But it did and I’m grateful for the years we had, the love we shared and the babies we made. I’m so grateful for them. They bring me joy every single day”.


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She continued with some words of advice for her followers telling them to cherish the time they spend with their SO if they have one and if they don’t, celebrate all the world in your life whether romantic or platonic.

She finished by saying: “Today I’m going to remember how loved I felt for the last 13 valentines with Tom. The years he went all out, the years we spent apart but so in love and I’m just going to remember how lucky I was”.

She left her followers in tears in the comments, with many commenting on her strength and bravery. She ended by thanking Tom for the best years of her life.

“I love you Tom. Thank you for the best years of my life”.