Lewis Capaldi Gets Mistaken For Harry Styles In Hilarious Video

This is so gas!

Another day another hilarious Lewis Capaldi story. Lewis is not only a man with an amazing singing voice, he has been blessed with the best sense of humour (possibly ever).

His TikTok videos have us constantly giggling whether he’s poking fun at himself, fangirling over his great pal Niall Horan or trying to promote his latest track, he is effortlessly funny every time.

So, when he made a guest appearance at The 1975’s Newcastle concert he took the opportunity to mess with the audience a little bit. The band has become known for having an exciting guest appear at the ‘door’ during their current tour and perform a few songs, most recently Taylor Swift stopped by in London.

So when there was a knock at the door during their Newcastle concert fans in the crowd were looking forward to seeing who appeared. The screens above the stage read “Harry Styles” before the guest came out, and fans went WILD.

@lewiscapaldi Replying to @lana sorry everyone x #lewiscapaldi #the1975 ♬ original sound – Lewis Capaldi

But Harry didn’t come out, Lewis Capaldi did! The crowd were still screaming and Lewis took to the stage and introduced himself as Harry Styles, it was all pretty gas.

Lewis played a song called Antichrist by The 1975 and then he decided to play Taylor Swift’s Love Story, he sure knows how to please a crowd.

@lewiscapaldi it’s a love story x #lewiscapaldi #the1975 #taylorswift ♬ original sound – Lewis Capaldi

The 1975 are playing Dublin on January 29th and Belfast on January 30th as part of their At Their Very Best tour, and although they don’t bring out a guest at every show, here’s hoping an exciting guest appears at an Irish date. We will be glued to TikTok to find out on those nights though!

Lewis Capaldi is also playing Dublin on Monday January 30th and Belfast January 29th, so they’ll be crossing paths again as they move venues.