Love Island’s Rosie Hints At Romance With Another Co-Star After Her Split From Casey

This could be very cute!

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Another Love Island romance may be blossoming after the show!

Rosie Seabrook, who almost made it to the final with her then couple Casey O’Gorman, has shared some tea on YouTube in a new video.

The star revealed the real reason she turned down her fellow bombshell Keanan in the villa when he shared his feelings with her, was because she hadn’t gotten the go ahead from producers.

Explaining she said, “Yes I do regret not giving Keanan a chance, I do regret it very much. I found him attractive from the first day I met him. We actually met before we went into the villa…


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“Keanan actually got the go-ahead by the producers to get to know me however I didn’t get that go-ahead. So when the whole terrace conversation came up, I obviously knew he found me attractive and I found him attractive but I really wasn’t expecting it at that time. I was shocked, I also knew we weren’t really allowed to get to know each other. I was shocked that he said it and then got the giggles.”

We learned at the Love Island reunion that Keanan slid into her DMs when she left the villa, although it seems Rosie may have done the same since things ended with Casey.


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She said, “But saying that I wish I did now because I do really regret it and maybe or maybe I haven’t slid into his DMs…I’ve got his number and I don’t even have to slide into the DMs but yes we have spoken and that’s all I’m going to say on that.”

Oooh we will be keeping an eye on this new romance!

Casey revealed that he and Rosie were cooling things off shortly after their appearance at the reunion. He told fans on Instagram, “Rosie and I have spoken…she’s such a great girl. Life outside the villa is just very different and we will remain friends moving forward.”


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