Lucien Laviscount Teases His Emily In Paris Season 4 Fate

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Alfie is one of the most loved characters on Netflix’s hit show Emily in Paris, so much so that a season without him just couldn’t be entertained – at least not on our watch.

Lucien Laviscount had a chat with E!news at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party and teased his character’s fate.

The English actor stated: “I don’t know if I’m back, talk to Darren about that”.


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Darren Starr the creator of Emily in Paris cast Lucien as the much loved British banker, Alfie. He became a fan favourite from the opening scenes of his debut in season two as Emily’s (played by Lily Collins) love interest.

Following the couple’s split in the season three finale after an explosive episode involving pregnancies and secret love affairs, it has been unknown whether Alfie will return to Paris or not.

Lucien revealed that even if he doesn’t get to return, which he has made perfectly known is a decision that hasn’t been shared with him just yet, all he wants for Emily is happiness.


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At the premiere for season three back in December the 32-year-old expressed his desire to return to the role in the already announced fourth season saying: “It would be great to come back. Honestly, I think I’ve had a really, really incredible two seasons on this show. It’s been really special”.

He noted how much his character changed for the better, particularly when he realised he was better than second choice in the season three finale and said: “Season two Alfie had this little cloud over his head, he was hating on life. Season three he gets his vulnerable side”.

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He jokes about what Emily will have to do to get her English lover back saying: “She might have to pull something out of the bag to get the main man back.”

He also mentioned that if he did come back for season four that he would love for it to be all about Alfie’s “revenge” and let us see his “sick and twisted side”.

The first three seasons of Emily in Paris are available to view on Netflix now as we await the release of season four.



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