Maura Higgins Gushes About Meeting Jamie Dornan

"My jaw hit the f*cking floor when I seen him."

Yesterday, we saw Maura Higgins post a selfie with non-other than THE Jamie Dornan, and the internet went wild.

The pair looked like old pals in the pic, so it had us wondering how they met, were they hanging out, what are they up to?

But it turns out Maura was just as excited as we were. Sharing a video on her Instagram story, Maura is in disbelief that she met the 50 Shades Of Gray actor and has a lot to say about it.


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“Let’s just talk about Jamie Dornan. My God guys, my jaw hit the f*cking floor when I seen him. The voice notes that I’ve sent to my friends? Help me absolutely help me. I mean I’m still not well after it… Fifty shades of fanny flutters, that’s literally what I Was dealing with.

“Can you believe as well I’m literally wearing different shades of grey? Now, If that’s not manifestation I don’t know what is,” she said.

Maura also revealed that some people DM’d her asking if he was her new boyfriend, she clarified he is not, but that if he was she’d be too busy with him to be posting on Instagram.

And for anyone who thought he didn’t look his best in the pic? Maura has this to say, “Do you look amazing everyday of your life?That annoys me as well, he looks amazing.”


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Okay there we have it! It’s nice to see celebs fangirling over other celebs, a reminder that they actually are just like us!

Maura has jetted off to Mexico to enjoy a bit of January sun with friends, and wow does it look amazing. From pics with Jamie Dornan to gorgeous beaches, we will be glued to Maura’s Instagram for the foreseeable!