Paige Thorne Drops Bombshell About What Really Caused Her Split From Adam Collard

Plus, will she get back with Jacques?!

Paige Thorne has opened up about her split from Adam Collard and revealed that there was more to the story than people think.

Appearing on the Saving Grace podcast with TikTok star Grace Kelly and she is spilling all the tea on her recent split from Adam Collard, the Love Island bombshell who seems to be back to his old tricks once again…

When host Grace brought up those infamous videos of Adam with his arm around a girl in McDonalds Paige admitted she tried to justify his actions at first, but there were even more videos sent to her privately that made her end things completely.

Explaining Paige said, “It’s not just them videos, there are other videos that other people don’t know about, so it’s a lot more to the story. Of other people, on the same night, in different locations…”

Asking about these other videos, Grace asked if there were bedrooms involved, to which Paige answered, “More like VIP toilets…It’s fine, keep it classy babe always.”


Of course, now that Paige is single people can’t help but wonder if there’s a chance of her reuniting with Jacques, whom she first found a spark with in the villa, although he kissed Cheyanne during Casa Amor…

The paramedic revealed that there has been, “There has been slight contact…no contact of the lips… let’s not forget how this boy done me over in Casa, you don’t get this again.”

Instagram/ Paige Thorne

When podcast host Grace hinted if they were both in the right place maybe a reconcilliation could be on the cards, Paige said, “Obviously we had a vibe in there, he done me over d*ckhead, fine. But we’re just going to see where things go. I am in zero rush to be with any other men in my life because men are trash.”

There we have it!

Paige is living her best single life and we love that for her!