Pippa O’Connor Says She Knows The Gender Of Her Baby

And what foods she's been turned off during pregnancy (spoiler, they are good ones).

Pippa O’Connor took to Instagram to give her followers a pregnancy update yesterday, and she even told followers that they already know the gender of the baby.

Responding to a question of whether they will be finding our the baby’s gender Pippa said, “We know but keeping it to ourselves as our boys would like a surprise”.

How cute! Pippa also shared that they have “two” baby names they both like, but there are “no decisions made”. Ohh the excitement.

Pippa already has two sons with husband Brian Ormond, whom she has previously shared are looking forward to the arrival if

Another follower asked if Pippa was suffering from morning sickness, the social media star and entrepreneur responded, “Not in the mornings but every evening from maybe 4/5pm… I felt like I’d been hit by a bus. It just stopped at 12 weeks”.

Something else that she stopped doing during her pregnancy was eating her fave foods! Yes, Pippa admitted she lost her taste for sweet things, “I went off all the things I love .. chocolate, crisps.. any greasy foods or takeaways made my stomach turn.. I was eating mainly pasta and salads as that’s all I wanted.. I’m back to liking everything again now but still eating pretty healthy”.

Imagine losing your taste for chocolate and takeaways!

Pippa recently shared an update with fans after her latest scan, letting followers know she’s feeling relieved, “Feel like I can breath easy again for a while.”

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