Selling Sunset Have A New Office And It’s Seriously Cool

Their new office is magnificent!

The Selling Sunset office as we know it, is no more. Brace yourselves. The beloved brick wall, silver desks and neon sign… gone. Can you believe it?

That’s right, Selling Sunset’s The Oppenheim Group have moved office spaces – but don’t worry, the new unit is just next door.

Everyone loves a good change, and well, this one is big. The new office looks radically different to the old and while we will miss that gorgeous exposed brick, the new space is an absolute showstopper.

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The new office is double the size of the old, making room for the new cast members who are joining the show this season.

It features stunning duck egg blue couches, marble countertops and even a bar. While we have to compromise and lose the exposed brick wall, we still gain a stunning deep blue feature wall.

The old desks have been replaced with sleek wooden desks, the back wall contains rows of bookshelves with a collection of decorative books and a neon sign sporting the phrase ‘take the road less travelled’ on them. The opposite wall contains a row of Samsung Televisions in vintage wooden frames.

You think that’s all? Oh no, there’s also some boujie chandeliers dripping from the ceiling, a round yellow couch and to top it all off, a $40,000 pool table sits at the back of the office.

The move to the new office comes just in time for the 10th anniversary of the Oppenheim Group as well as the arrival of Selling Sunset season six on Netflix. The sixth season of the show began filming last summer after Netflix confirmed they would be going ahead with seasons six and seven of the much loved reality real estate show.

In an interview with Architectural Digest, Jason Oppenheim said: “I love where I’m at. I really never wanted to move. But if I ever was going to move and expand, I wanted it to be right next door.”

The office was revamped by interior design duo Alex and Alice Khwan Bercheru of the White Glove Estates design firm. They told Architectural Digest they were inspired by “the rich colours and decadent details of Old Hollywood”.

Season six of Selling Sunset will be available to stream on Netflix from May 19th.


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