Sex Education’s Ncuti Gatwa Says His Time On The Hit Show ‘Wasn’t Always Joyous’

It’s all coming to an end!

via Netflix

Sadly, we’re all getting ready to say goodbye to Sex Education.

The Netflix comedy series, which follows a high school sex therapist called Otis (Asa Butterfield) who helps his fellow students understand their bodies and feelings, is set to end this coming season.

The show is getting ready to air its fourth and final season later this year and according to Ncuti Gatwa, there was no better time to wrap the show up.

In an interview with Rolling Stone UK, Ncuti said: “It was very hard; it was such a big show.”

The actor who played Eric Effiong added: “When you’re telling stories that haven’t been seen before, there’s always a battle as to how to tell them. It wasn’t always joyous. I feel like we’ve outgrown it and we’ve given everything we can to it.”


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Sex Education is a tv show known for showcasing young people coming to terms with their identities and sexual desires in the most unapologetic way.

So, how are these characters navigating the fourth and final season, following the closure of their school.

In the finale of season three, the students were faced with uncertainty when refusing to submit to the school board’s more conservative policies led to the closure of their school.

Now, season four will find them in totally different environments. Maeve attends a prestigious program in the United States while Eric and Otis make sense of their new school.

Sex Education season four hits Netflix on 21st September