Taylor Swift Might Have Subtly Hinted To Fans How She’s Dealing With Joe Alwyn Breakup

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Fans think Taylor may have finally addressed the breakup!

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Swifties are claiming that the pop star might be letting everyone know she’s alright with subtle onstage hints during her Eras tour. This comes after reports of her and Joe Alwyn’s alleged breakup.

Tampa concert attendees saw Swift respond to a sign asking if she was ok with a thumbs-up. In a video later released on TikTok, the singer flashed a quick thumbs-up and continued on with her performance. While she didn’t exactly verbalise anything fans are convinced this is a way of addressing the breakup.

The sign was inspired by the sign, with the same wording, in her, You Belong With Mw Music video, so it could also be believed that she was just appreciating the fan’s reference.

Taylor Swift has yet to comment on her and Joe Alwyn’s alleged split but ET reported, “it was not dramatic”. Fans are nonetheless worried about the musician after her six-year relationship came to an end. According to People, the couple’s split was largely caused by “differences in their personalities”. This came as a shock after many rumours circulated that the pair could be engaged or even married.

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At the same concert, Swift expressed to fans just how much she’s been loving her Eras tour.

“It’s become my entire personality and I’ve always loved putting on shows, always loved that connection … I need you guys very much for my well-being,” she said.

It’s safe to say Swift will be kept busy as she has 44 gigs spread over 20 American cities.  The singer shocked fans with her setlist comprising over 40 songs and lasting three hours!


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Swift and Alwyn started dating in 2016 and were reported to split in late March 2023. Neither of the pair has publicly addressed these breakup reports.

By Zana Zee Keough


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