The White Lotus Season 3 Destination Has Been Revealed

It’s going to be a season of spirituality!

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Pack your bags folks cause we’re headed out East.

That’s right The White Lotus Season 3’s location has been revealed and we’re more than a little excited to jet off.

It’s time to leave Italy behind and make our way (in first class obviously, Daphne would baulk at the idea of economy) to the stunningly spiritual and deeply historic continent of Asia.


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If you haven’t watched the show (we won’t judge if you haven’t, promise!) Here’s a little recap of what it’s all about: The White Lotus is a dark comedy series that follows both guests and employees of the fictitious White Lotus resort chain. Their beautiful surroundings (Hawaii in season one and Italy in season two) make way for contrastingly darker and more insidious possibilities (we’re talking about murder, just to be clear…).

The entire White Lotus team are delighted to be back for season three which was announced by the studios social media accounts back in November. The caption read: “I can’t wait to welcome you to the next White Lotus property. #TheWhiteLotus has been renewed for season three.”


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Variety reported earlier this year that series creator, writer and director Mike White was specifically looking at Asia to film the brand new season of the award winning tv show.

After months of wondering, it has finally been confirmed that we will be taking off to Thailand.

He wasn’t joking when he commented on the possible location and plot of the third season during a featurette for the season two finale where he stated: “The first season highlighted money, and then the second season is sex. I think the third season would be maybe a satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality”.


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The show typically films at a Four Seasons location having filmed there both in season 1 and 2. Variety notes that Thailand boasts four fabulous Four Season’s locations – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and the Golden Triangle – each representing a different part of the country from city life to the jungle and the fabulous island beaches.

When chatting about the location scouting process, Executive Producer David Bernad told The Hollywood Reporter: “I will say it was very similar [to previous seasons]. Mike and I scouted in January, February of this year. The thought was we’d end up in Japan, which was a rumour that was online. Both of our dreams are to film in Japan.

He continued on saying: “When we went to Thailand, we had a similar experience that we’ve had in Sicily, where there was just something about the hotels that we saw but also the experience of the culture of the people there.”

Adding: “It felt so specific, in the way that we needed for season three. There’s a warmth, and it’s exciting that Thailand hasn’t really been depicted in the way that we are going to attempt to depict it.”


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No casting decisions have been made for season three. Season two saw Aubrey Plaza, F. Murray Abraham, Will Sharpe and Adam DiMarco take to our screens with Jennifer Coolidge returning from season one.

Who do you think we will see returning again and who will be joining the fabulous cast who have racked up an incredible ten Emmys for season one alone?

Get ready because we’re going on a whole new adventure with The White Lotus crew.