Turns Out We Have Been Pronnouncing ‘Adele’ Wrong All This Time…

We didn't even realise!

Adele is one of the most famous names in the world, so famous she only needs a first name, and you know that’s big with the likes of Madonna, Prince and Cher also being one name icons. However, no matter how famous the name, it turns out it can still be pronounced wrong for years!

We didn’t even realise it, but we’ve actually been saying singer Adele’s name wrong this whole time, and now she is sharing the correct way to pronounce her name.

During a Q&A with fans, one fan asked her a question via zoom, but it wasn’t the question that caught the singer’s attention, it was how the fan said her name! Responding she said, “Love that! She said my name perfectly!”


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Turns out, the correct pronunciation is “uh-dele” not “ah-dele”, so a U sound instead of the A, who knew?!

It’s a good thing she clarified that right before she begins her Las Vegas residency, as the show will run until March 2023 and who wants people screaming their name wrong for five months?!

As for what’s next for the star after Vegas? She has been exploring many possible career changes, the latest being a stint on Broadway if she finds herself in New York and gets “bored”, she’d nail it.

What other career choices does she have for her break in music? Find out here.



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