What Can We Expect From And Just Like That Season Two

And Just Like That…. we’re back!


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Who’s ready for the all new season of our favourite 90s revival show? We certainly are. Between the return of Aidan, rekindled romance and THAT dress (you know the one), the season is going to be one for the books

This week HBO announced that the new episodes of And Just Like That will be available to view from June 22nd.

As well as the release date announcement fans were treated to a glimpse at the new seasons artwork which saw Carrie standing behind a long dinner table surrounded by her friends.

It’s giving us a little bit of a wedding vibe and with the reappearance of the famous Vivienne Westwood dress, we have to wonder, is there something special in store this season?

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The official season two release date comes only weeks after the streaming network released the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated second season.

It revealed Carrie’s ex-Aidan’s return and teased Miranda’s relationship with Che, following her separation from Steve Brady.

We’ve been teased with a multitude of pics of particular scenes in the show including an Aidan and Carrie kiss – yes that’s actually happening. No, you’re not the only one squealing.

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We’ve been waiting patiently for over a year, since John Corbett’s return as Aidan was announced to see what’s to come, but it appears he’s not the only newcomer to the show.

It was revealed that longtime actor Tony Danza would be joining the cast but it was unclear as to the role he would play until now… say hello to Che Diaz’s father.

There will be a total of eleven episodes in season two, with a double episode premiere on June 22nd and new episodes weekly.

We are so ready to embrace it all!


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