Who Is Ed Sheeran’s Support Act Cian Ducrot?

Everything you need to know!

Pic Instagram/Cian Ducrot

There’s another Irish singer-songwriter joining the ranks and he’s headed for stardom as he gets ready to open for Ed Sheeran on his small UK and Ireland tour this month.

Cian Ducrot is an Irish singer who became popular in 2022 on TikTok after his single All For You went viral on the video sharing app.

If you haven’t heard his song I’ll Be Waiting, well you may be living under a rock. It has gone viral in every way gaining the Cork man support all over the world both online and in person. If you didn’t know anything about the up and coming singer then this is your chance to get to know him.

Here is everything you need to know about Cian Ducrot

Who is Cian Ducrot?

Pic: Instagram/Cian Ducrot

Cork born singer-songwriter Cian Ducrot had an intense love for music from an early age, thanks to his mother’s career as a concert pianist and flautist.

A musician well-versed in classical music from Bach to Chopin, Cian was accepted to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London, a school that includes alumni like Elton John.

With music being so important to him it was a no-brainer for the Irish singer to attend the prestigious London school. Music was his outlet particularly when difficult emotions became overwhelming, it was his calm within the storm of his personal life. Joining the school musicals and drama clubs were his way to introduce music into his life without just sitting in his room alone.

Where did his career begin?

Pic: Instagram/Cian Ducrot

Having made the move to London to attend the prestigious Royal Academy of Music, Cian took a trip to Los Angeles and it was there that he was inspired to pursue a career as a pop artist.

Taking a leave of absence from school he travelled over and back from Dublin to London and Los Angeles all while writing his own songs. During this inspirational time Cian also taught himself how to produce records so that he could do everything he needed himself on the road.

He was signed by Darkroom/Interscope Records after releasing a body of work called Started In College, which narrates his journey into the world of music.

Cian is best known for his songs All For You and I’ll Be Waiting. He rose through the ranks thanks to his single All For You when it rose up through the UK singles chart peaking at number 19 after going viral on TikTok.

I’ll Be Waiting has been a viral hit on TikTok thanks to the Irish man travelling all across the US and videoing himself singing the single with a vocal choir in mundane everyday places attracting huge amounts of attention both online and in person.

Does he have social media?


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You’ll be glad to hear that the 25-year-old does have social media and is pretty active on there.

You can follow him on Instagram and TikTok at @cianducrot

What’s next for Cian?

Pic: Instagram/Cian Ducrot

Cian is preparing to tour the UK and Ireland with Ed Sheeran this month.He took to his Instagram to announce the news while also apologising for having to postpone his own UK and Ireland tour dates – don’t worry Cian we’d do the same for Ed we completely understand!

Cian announced his own tour late last year to fans delight, the announcement was such a success that the shows sold out in minutes leaving the Irish singer in shock.

We’re excited to see him on tour and what is next for the hit maker.