3 Easy WFH Hairstyles To Keep Your Hair From Driving You Mad During Lockdown

Constantly battling with your hair?

At the moment we’re being faced with a lot of change. Change in routine, change of working environment and a change in how we interact with others.

Dealing with this change can be tough, but finding little ways we can make each day easier has us all ears.

And so, we’ve created a special highlight on our Instagram channel @stellarmagazine called Staying In. This highlight is full of tips, tricks and things to do to make sure you keep as positive and as busy as possible for the next couple of weeks.

The latest thing we’re tackling to make our WFH days easier is our manes.

Simple hairstyles that can keep us looking fresh (even when we don’t necessarily feel it), and a little more glam in the morning.

So, before you attempt to top knot those tresses for day 13253, why not try one of these three simple styles instead.

Wispy Pigtails

Pigtails were deemed to be the hairstyle of Coachella 2020 (RIP), but aside from the festival not taking place, we still want to give this hairstyle a moment. It’s cute, it’s easy to do and all it takes is two hair bobbles.

Simply separate your hair down the centre, braid each side, fasten with skinny bobbles and pull segments from your fringe out of the plaits for a more relaxed look.

Finish off with a spritz of hairspray and a cute clip wedged into the top of the braid for extra glam.


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The Half Up Half Down Pony

If you hate having all your hair pulled into a pony, but find your hair gets very annoying when it’s all down, this look is the sweet spot.

Using one bobble, simply pull your upper section of hair back into a ponytail, leaving your lower section of hair to fall under it. Tie the ponytail tight on the top of your head and sleek it back with a little gel to secure flyaways.

Then, with the lower section of hair, add a little moose to give it a wet look curl or use a straightener to give it a sleek finish.


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Top Knot With A Twist

A change from our usual messy bed-head bun, this chic top knot involves French braiding the two front segments of your hair before lifting all your hair into a bun.

With this style you can do the front braids as skinny or as thick as you like and then, with a little hair gel and a few clips, secure the look and tame flyaways.

We love the festival vibe off this look and also how it’s a fresh take on the classic bun.

Don’t how how to French braid? Pick up some tips here!


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