TikTok Trend: Victoria Secret Angel Make-Up Is Making A Comeback

We’re in love with this look!


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The 2010s were the decade of the Victoria Secret angel. With a look that everyone lusted after, it isn’t surprising to see the dewy, youthful make-up look associated with the angels coming back as a trend 13 years later.

If you’re wanting to jump on the trend, you’re not the only one. The #victoriasecretmakeup hashtag on TikTok has a whopping 38.7 million views, so you can be assured you’ll be in great company when creating this simple yet stunning make-up look.

The overwhelming need to try the trend comes from the fact many have said the look makes them not only look good but feel great as well – who wouldn’t want that!

@larissamariellew Victoria‘s Secret Angel makeup tutorial 💗 using @CAIA Cosmetics💥 ♬ original sound – ☆

So how do you do it?

The Victoria Secret Angel look is super specific and features dewy, youthful skin, frosted glitters on the eyes (think Urban Decay’s Space Cowboy), glittering pink lips and a subtle siren eye courtesy of a brown smoked out wing.

Looking at some of the most popular TikTok videos that show the trend, it seems the underpainting technique is used for the base make-up.

@lavishlana why is this victoria secret angel makeup easily the best makeup look I’ve ever done in my LIFE?????? #makeuptutorial #modelmakeup ♬ original sound – 2000smodels

Start with a cream bronzing stick, applying it at all the lowest parts of your face including your forehead, around the hairline, the hollows of your cheeks and your jawline.

Add cream blush at the high points of your cheeks and across the bridge of your nose and then your concealer in the inner corner and outer corners of your eyes as well as the centre of your forehead and chin.

Blend each of them out and then add a light foundation anywhere else that you would like some extra coverage. Pink toned setting powder is a huge addition to the trend as the colour correcting tones of the pink, help to brighten and even out the underlies.

@evarankiin Victoria’s Secret angel makeup &lt3 #victoriassecret #makeuptutorial #glowyskin ♬ this sound is not for white people to use – SZA

The eyes are the most important part to the look. Start with a subtle, glittery cream shadow and buff it all over the lid – when we said it was simple we really meant it.

Once you’ve finished buffing it out, take a brown eye pencil or a brown eyeshadow on a straight eyeliner brush and add a small wing to your eyes lifting upwards. Then use a clean brush to diffuse the brown and smoke it out giving it a soft, sultry edge. Add a highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes as well as to your brow bone, to create a brightened eye, that you will automatically be drawn to.

@rukiluvly Victoria secret angel makeup 👼 a fluttery half lash would really pull this look together #vsmakeup #victoriasecret ♬ original sound – 2000smodels

Finish off the look with a nude lip liner, followed by your favourite lip gloss.

If it’s giving people as much confidence as they say it is, we definitely think it’s a look worth giving a try.