Wicker Is This Season’s Hottest Interior Trend

Here's how you can incorporate it into your home


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2020 quickly became the year that we spend more time inside our homes than any year ever. Noticing the slightly off-level frames and filthy skirting boards in our homes that we threw a blind eye to before, naturally creating a habitat that was both functional and aesthetic, guarding us against the madness that was going on outside our homes became paramount.

Aside from creating a cozy haven filled with soft throws and colourful prints, it seems we’ve all been taken inspiration from the ‘holidays that should have been’ and are now soaking up any rattan goodness we can get our hands on.

Lending itself to that Scandi-style taking up your Instagram feed, the rattan or wicker trend was initially made popular in the 1970s, dying down a little to make way for the gaudy and garish trends that 80s interior boasted. But, if Pinterest and Instagram is anything to go by, the trend is now back with a vengeance, serving us those natural-beachy vibes we’re all apparently craving.


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From gorgeous chairs, bedlamps, baskets, and wall-hangings, this modern take on bohemian decor is all about bringing the outside in, creating a calm and soothing place, something that is so desperately needed.

The rise in the wicker trend is abundantly clear to see, so we’ve done the dirty work for you and rounded up the best boho bits around. While there are tonnes of pieces ready to go on the high street, a visit to your local charity shop could produce some gems at a fraction of retailers price, so if you’re in the mood for a little DIY project keep your eyes peeled for some second-hand bits.

In the meantime, here are some gorgeous inspo pieces to get your creative juices flowing!

Folding Basket – €9.99

New Acapulco Chair – €37.75

Cebu ceiling lamp – €155,17

Tray with rattan – €34.99

DELAKTIG Headboard129