Bedazzled Antigen Test Earrings Are Now A Thing, So You Can Rock That Negative Result On The Go

This is a pure 2022 headline.

Nothing really says ‘I’m not infectious’ like a pair of earrings.

Combining fashion and health to bring you 2022’s hottest new accessory, one small business owner who hails from Spain has turned antigen tests into bejewelled jewellery.

Bringing you the ‘antigen test yassified earrings’, Carolina’s bejewelled sets feature two negative tests (one for each ear, obviously), and come decked out in rhinestones, featuring little heart charms at the end.

The earrings also feature a negative result, giving us potentially sustainable fashion? This part is still unclear, but one thing is for sure, people are going crazy for them. With over 14,000 likes on her recent photo featuring the earrings, Carolina is now in the process of making more to meet the demand.

Could we see a collab with NPHET coming down the line? It’s 2022, and it’s now clear as day that anything is possible.


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With many people eager to purchase a pair, Carolina told her followers to stay tuned as she will alert them via her Instagram page. We know these will be snapped up in no time.

And taking inspiration from Carolina, another Instagram creative named Maria took to her feed to share her antigen-test-makeover. Turning her neggy tests into hair slides for her own personal use.

Once again, yassified (see explanation)

The process of making something substantially better than its original version, or of having something appear to be significantly better than its similar or comparable predecessor.


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Yes, we’re getting real Ty Pennington ‘move that bus’ vibes from the reincarnation of the antigen test and we’re – um – here for it?

At the end of the day, fashion is all about making people turn their heads and these certainly fit the bill. Earrings for the conscious queen, earrings that we’ll all be rocking come July.