BooHoo Are Selling A ‘2020 Is Cancelled’ Slogan T-Shirt And We Need It

Tbh, we can't think of anything better to wear right now.

The Irish are always complimented on seeing the funny side in everything. Bad news, bad weather or whatever else you can imagine can quickly be turned into a joke. It’s something we pride ourselves in.

When it comes to the current situation, with most of the world in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be hard to see the funny side sometimes.

However, we’re sure you’ve also been inundated with hilarious memes relating to staying at home, as well as enjoying the outpouring of gas TikTok’s doing the rounds.

2020 Is Cancelled Slogan Tee; £9.00 

In the same spirit, we most definitely want this slogan t-shirt from BooHoo. Emblazoned with ‘2020 Is Cancelled’ it literally sums up how we all feel.

With festivals, gigs, holidays as well as weddings and other family events all cancelled, it’s very true that for all of us 2020 isn’t going exactly as planned.

Tbh, we can’t think of anything better to wear right now, except for something with an elasticated waistband.

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