Cabinet Confidential: January Russell, Model With Morgan The Agency

January Russell has been modelling for six years – so she's bound to have picked up some tricks. Check out what's in her beauty arsenal.

Wash & go

“The first thing I do when I get out of bed? I brush my teeth! Then I use Lancôme Gel Eclat face wash – it smells lovely and it’s nice and light and foams up really well. You just use a tiny bit of it.

“Next, I use No 7 Protect & Perfect ADVANCED serum all over my face. It’s really soft and silky and feels so nice. Then I use No 7 Youthful Eye serum – I feel like it freshens you up a bit. If I’m feeling a little bit tired, I use this L’Oreal men’s caffeine drop for your eyes – it’s pretty intense. You just dab it on with your fingers.

“Then I use No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream. It has an SPF in it, but I also use Soltan moisturising suncream on particularly sunny days. That’s one of the best anti-ageing things you can do: sunscreen.

“I try to really look after my skin; on shoots and at shows, the make-up is quite heavy. I’d always be very careful to take off all my make-up when the job is finished and after the show, give it a good scrub and keep it nice and fresh and clean so you don’t get any spots!

Foundation, blush & bronzer

“If I’m going out I put a bit of make-up on, but usually I don’t wear much. I use Touche Eclat foundation, by Yves Saint Laurent. It looks great on your skin. It gives a really nice, dewy glow but it’s not really shiny and greasy looking.

“After foundation I use No 7 Instant Radiance concealer under the eye. I bought that on a make-up artist’s recommendation, instead of buying Touche Eclat. It’s cheaper and I think it’s just as good.

“I do powder all over, then – I use MAC Studio Fix Shivering White. I think I got it from the pro store; it’s a pale, pale powder. I like being pale.

“I never wear fake tan; I think I’ve worn it about three times. I’ve never had hair extensions, either – I’ve had clip-ins once or twice, for jobs, but never permanently.

“Next, some blusher. I don’t always wear blusher, but I have one from MAC I like – maybe Fleur. The name’s rubbed off! I just put a bit of that on, or I have a bronzer as well that I’ll use a little bit of. I also have a 17 Instant Glow, it’s like a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, so I use that on my cheekbones to give a bit of a highlight, and on the corner of my eyes.

Brow down

“Then I use my brow pencil – it’s a Rimmel one. I like my pencil a little blunter so it smudges on; it’s really light and I only ever do a tiny bit of brow for daytime, so I start from the arch and bring it down. Then I’d work towards the inside corner.

“If I’m going on a night out, I’d do a heavier brow using one of my MAC eyeshadow powders to fill it in and make it a bit fuller. When you’re wearing a lot of make-up, you need a heavier brow.

“I do my brows myself; I don’t have to do much to them, just get rid of a couple of hairs.

“Once my eyebrows are on, I use a paint pot by MAC called Painterly – it’s a cream base shadow, and pretty much the same as my skin but has a tiny beige-y brown tint to it, so it’s just so they’re not completely bare.

Eye make-up

“I use a Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara – it’s got a nice, dramatic effect. Really nice, dark black and it doesn’t clump up anywhere. I can do a tiny bit for day, and when I have heavier make-up I can lash it on and it layers up well for a good thick lash.

“Every time I go out I try to do something a little bit different with my make-up, or tailor it to what I’m wearing. Sometimes I’ll do a really bare eye and a defined brow and nice lip, or sometimes I’ll do a smokey eye, eyeliner and a nude lip. I like to try different looks for different outfits. I like playing around with make-up.

“If I’m doing a smokey eye, I use Cork and Amber Lights eyeshadows by MAC. Amber Lights is a really nice gold, shimmery amber colour. I use Brown Down as well.

“For lips, I only have a few lipsticks. I pick a colour and then stick with it – I have two MAC lipsticks: Morange, which is my absolute favourite colour in the world; and Diva, which is a really rich plum. Then I’ll use some random lipsticks for putting a tiny bit of colour on, and Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on top of them.

Take it off

“I take my make-up off with Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pad. I’m really lazy when I’m taking off my make-up. Then I wash my face with water afterwards, or I might use my Lancôme stuff again.

Hair colour

“I get my hair dyed by Zara Cox – it’s a warm brown naturally. It’s not hugely far off what it is now, but it wouldn’t be as red toned. Because I’m always getting it sprayed and tonged and straightened, I have to use a lot of masques and treatments and good shampoos and conditioners to counteract that.

“At the moment I’m using the Wella SP Color Save range – with red hair, the dye washes out really fast and goes dull quite quickly, so it’s good to have any kind of colour saving ones. I use the conditioner as well.

“I get this Colour FX Wash-In, Wash-Out red from Superdrug in the UK, it’s about £2. It keeps the red tone in for a little bit longer. You just wash your hair, throw that in for a couple of minutes and wash it out. It’s just a rinse but it’s got a really nice tone in it.

“I really like Moroccanoil products – I use their oil all the time, especially because getting your hair backcombed and straightened all the time dries everything out. I did a job for them and they gave me loads of products, so I got to test them all out. Their hydrating masque is really thick and it lasts forever.

Nail it

“I do my nails myself; I love doing them. For work, I normally have a clear polish on. I use Essence topcoat or a H&M colour called Pink Mist. It’s just a really basic nude.

“I probably have almost 100 nail polishes – I like the H&M polishes. They’re really cheap and they last for so long, and they always get really on-trend colours, so if you’re matching colours to outfits it’s so easy to get them in there. I got loads on sale for about €1, and they go on really thick! I hate when you buy a nail polish and you have to put about four coats on.


“I got these under-eye masks online – Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Masks – and you put them under your eyes. They feel like jelly, you can wear them for a couple of hours and they’re supposed to put collagen into your skin. I don’t know what the gold is about! I was like, I have to try these!

“I think they do work – they have rose oil on them, so when you take them off, your eyes feel more refreshed anyway!

“My boyfriend got me this mad vibrator thing in Urban Outfitters, ha ha, that’s supposed to do lymphatic drainage. I love all of those kinds of things – I’m mad for under-eye products.”