Cleavage Contouring: The No-Surgery Answer To Bigger Boobs

Want to add more oomph to your chest area? This smart contouring technique will help you fake a bigger bust and a more prominent cleavage.

contour clevage.jpg

There are some obvious advantages to having small boobs; like feeling properly supported in a strapless bra, being able to wear a plunging neckline without it looking too sexy, and even being able to go braless if you feel like it, for example. But we totally get it; sometimes you’d happily trade all those small boob benefits for a fuller looking bust and a deadly looking cleavage.

Well, that’s where contouring comes in, because with a little stragetically placed bronzer and foundation you can easily fake a cleavage and make your boobs look noticeably bigger.

That’s right, forget chicken fillets, padded bras, or even surgery. If you have five spare minutes before your next big night out this technique will help you fake a much fuller bust.

What you’ll need:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour cream kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills contour cream kit, €36.51

Real Techniques 301 Flat Contour

Real Techniques 301 flat contour brush, €21

Dior Foundation Sponge

Dior fluid foundation sponge, €17

The technique:

YouTuber Belinda Nicoll shows you how.

1. Using your contouring brush, start by applying the darkest shade of bronzer down the middle of your chest and in an oval shape over the top of each boob.

step 1

2. Then, using the same colour, outline above and below your collarbones. A top tip? Push your chest forward to make your collarbones more visible.

3. Next, make a triangle in the top part of your collarbone, and contour down your neck with two lines, until your chest looks like this:

down neck

4. For the final touch, use a colour two shades lighter than your natural skin tone and outline below each of the darker lines. Finish by blending with a foundation sponge for a perfect cleavage contour.

highlight collar bones

Not mastered it? Check out Belinda Nicoll’s YouTube Tutorial for the full step-by-step.