Darren Kennedy Shares His Top Tips For Being The Best Dressed At Ladies’ Day

STELLAR Promotion: The Dundrum Town Centre Ladies' Day at the Dublin Horse Show is just a day away!

Since 2015, Dundrum Town Centre Ladies’ Day at the Dublin Horse Show has been the ultimate date on Ireland’s fashion and social calendar, showcasing the glamour, originality and elegance of Irish style.

Judging the Best Dressed competition are style entrepreneur and TV host Darren Kennedy and Irish Independent Fashion Editor Bairbre Power, who are keeping an eye out for something colourful and fresh.

The winner will receive a €10,000 gift card for Dundrum Town Centre – so to help you snatch the prize, Darren Kennedy has compiled his top ten tips for Ladies’ Day style.

  • Make sure you POP. “We want to see entrants with Poise, Originality and Personality.”
  • Be comfortable. “Not just physically, go with what feels right for you style-wise. Make sure you’re wearing the outfit, not the outfit wearing you. If you choose something trendy that isn’t naturally you, it will show.”
  • Personalise! “We can all shop in the same stores but two women in the same dress who have personalised their outfit well will look completely different. This can come from accessories, layers, anything. It’s YOUR outfit!”

  • Embrace the rainbow! “Don’t be afraid of bold colours, colour-blocking and generally mixing it up with the colour palette.”
  • Put a lid on it! “There’s no rule about hats, but a good piece of headwear can really make an outfit. They don’t call them fascinators for nothing!”
  • Ban the Bambi! “If you’re wearing heels, make sure in advance you can walk in them comfortably. It’s a long day and there’s uneven ground.”

  • Put the ‘high’ in High Street. “It’s not all about the big names! A dress you bought for a fiver is just as likely to win as a piece from a designer. It’s all about how you make it your own.”
  • You shan’t go to the ball! “It’s a daytime event, so no need for a full gown.”
  • Get creative. “Be it with your headwear, accessories, layers, colour combinations… You don’t have to be prescriptive, if it comes from your minds eye, then the chances are, you can carry it off.”
  • SMILE. “The most gorgeous accessory we own. If you’re enjoying yourself and are relaxed, your style is luminous.”

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