Discover Your New Favourite Scent This Spring With L’OCCITANE

STELLAR PROMOTION: Florals for spring? Yes please.

Here at STELLAR HQ, we love nothing more than discovering a new eau de toilette.

A signature scent is something that most women like to boast, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t mix up our fragrances from time to time and try something completely new.

Spring has well and truly sprung, and with it, all the gorgeous floral scents that we tend to associate with the season of awakening. So, what better time to add a new spring inspired EDT to your collection?

L’OCCITANE recently launched their latest scent, HERBAE Par L’OCCITANE Spartium. An ode to the wild grasses that grow in the heart of Provence, the limited edition beautiful eau de toilette has an addictive, refreshing scent that’s perfect for springtime – and is sure to put a spring in your step as the seasons change.

The citrusy, green freshness from the rhubarb leaf and grapefruit notes gives way to hints of jasmine and ylang ylang bringing a floral, sunny facet. The product’s packaging is also printed on paper obtained from sustainable sources with no cellophane wrapping, encouraging a more sustainable way of shopping.


If you thought it couldn’t possibly get better than that, just wait – there’s more. L’OCCITANE hasn’t just introduced this limited edition scent in EDT form, they’ve also incorporated it into a range of other products and gifts to ensure that no matter where your beauty interests lie, you’ll be able to experience the beautiful notes of citrus and rhubarb.

After all, this scent is so gorgeous, you’re going to want to feature it in every aspect of your life. Check out the rest of the gorgeous range below.


We all love to be fresh, so this perfumed gel is the perfect handbag essential.

The floral, green, solar fragrance in a gel texture is ideal for on-the-go perfume touch-ups to apply throughout the day. The product also upholds one of L’OCCITANE’s key commitments, respecting biodiversity as its packaging is printed on paper obtained from sustainable forests.

HERBAE par L’OCCITANE Spartium Shower Gel


Escape to nature with a relaxing shower using this gorgeous shower gel. The scent will transport you to the countryside while the formula, which is comprised of 95 per cent natural ingredients, will refresh and nourish the skin.

The product is also upholding another key commitment, reducing waste, as its packaging is composed of 50 per cent recycled plastic and is itself recyclable.

HERBAE par L’OCCITANE Spartium Perfumed Soap


This perfumed soap is ideal for the hands and body – allowing you to wash away the day while bathing in its floral scent.

The gorgeously crafted soap is once again made of 95 per cent natural origin ingredients, gently cleanses the skin and leaves it delicately perfumed with this sunny, captivating scent.

To help respect biodiversity and reduce waste, the packaging has been printed on paper obtained from sustainable forests.

HERBAE par L’OCCITANE Spartium Hand Cream


It’s no surprise that one L’OCCITANE hand cream sells every two seconds worldwide – and we can see why.

With a clean charter formula, enriched with organic and sustainably sourced shea butter, this beauty essential helps to deeply nourish skin whilst leaving it gently fragranced.

HERBAE par L’OCCITANE Spartium Body Lotion


And finally, this moisturising body lotion is a must-have in your self-care kit. Enriched with L’OCCITANE’s iconic shea butter and 95 per cent natural origin ingredients, it is bursting with the freshness of wild grasses.

Its light texture leaves the skin beautifully fragranced all day long and is packaged in a 50 per cent PETR bottle, meaning the bottle is made from 50 per cent recycled plastic and is recyclable.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the women in your life. Why not gift some of the above products while you’re at it? There really is something beautiful for everyone.

You can pick up a FREE L’OCCITANE hand collection gift this spring when you spend €30 or more in your nearest boutique, or online at using the code IEVIP.