Done With Baby Wipes? We Asked An Expert For Her Advice On Foolproof Festival Skincare

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As well driving as a massive hole into your bank balance, festivals can wreak havoc with your skincare too.

Getting out of your normal skincare routine for a few days is bad enough, without the added strain of sunshine, no sleep, alcohol and everything else. So what can you do in advance to give yourself a fighting chance?

Here’s your skincare-saving lowdown, courtesy of IMEDEEN beauty advisor Emma Minderies…

Help! How can I start prepping my skin now ahead of a festival weekend?

“Prevention is better than cure when it comes to aging, wrinkles and uneven skin tone, so you need to think ahead,” says Emma. “Sunscreen is a must!”

Her advice for disorganised folks? “If you’re the kind who forgets then invest in a moisturiser or foundation that has an SPF. There are some great vitamin supplements that are absolutely delicious so incorporate these into your diet in the weeks before the big weekend and stay hydrated too.”

I am officially DONE with using baby wipes on my skin. What’s a quick and effective morning skincare routine you’d recommend for festivals?

“There’s nothing more refreshing than cold toner on the face when you wake up at a festival, so be sure to bring some along,” Emma advises.

“I have used a pharmacy own-brand cleanser for 30 years and witch hazel as a toner so it doesn’t need to be really fancy or expensive. You’ll need a good moisturiser too!”

Any packing tips for beauty supplies?

“Decant your cleanser and toner into small bottles,” advises Emma.

What’s the first thing I should do for my skin when I get back home after a big weekend?

“Exfoliate! Soak in the bath, use olive oil and sea salt on your body as a gentle scrub and just rinse off,” says Emma.

“Your skin will feel so clean and really soft. You can do this gently on your face too to really brighten up your complexion.”

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