Editor’s Choice: What’s In My Make-up Bag, Winter Edition

STELLAR Editor Vicki Notaro on the new beauty bits she can't live without this month.

Like most people, my make-up bag almost completely changes when it gets colder out. I spend summer sweating, wearing an oil-free foundation and spritzing myself with Avene Eau Thermale, but come November, I pretty much switch over to my cold weather kit. This year, it has some fab new additions, as well as some old faves…

NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation

I’m an oily-skinned gal, but in winter my skin can handle a little more glow and it absolutely adores this foundation from NARS. I wear Punjab when I’m feeling pale and Stromboli with fake tan, a mix of the two in between. It glides on so you use very little, stays all day and doesn’t look flat on a chilly face!

IMAGE Ageless Serum

Retinol is amazing for anti-ageing but it does tend to dry me out, especially during the months of central heating and icy wind. So I’ve started alternating with this gorgeous serum, which is packed full of AHAs and youth-revealing ingredients, but is suitable for oily skin and leaves my skin looking radiant. If I need a little extra moisture, I lash on the IMAGE Vital C Hydration Burst on top.


Sculpted By Aimee Custom Edition

I’m a sucker for a multipurpose product just for space’s sake, and this one is fab. Irish MUA Aimee has made an empty palette you fill with product that suit you personally, and it’s gorgeous. I chose the medium bronzer, gold cream base, golden glow highlighter and pinky hue blush.


Bondi Sands Tan

I’m loving this brand’s mousse because it’s the perfect shade for me, it dries quickly so I’m not running around in the nip freezing, and it smells grand so my husband doesn’t complain.

Charlotte Tilbury Supersize Me lip cheat and Magic Away Concealer

I don’t know about you, but my lips all but disappear in the winter. They shrivel up, get dry and pale and just generally look shite, so I don’t know what I’d do without my beloved Supersize Me. It basically allows me to draw on a whole new mouth.

I also adore Charlotte’s new concealer. I use shade 4 with my Punjab foundation and shade 7 with Stromboli, and I just put it anywhere I need a little extra coverage or perfecting. It basically makes me look awake!

Chanel Le Stylo Signature De Chanel and 3D Revolution Mascara

Winged liner is my thing, and try as I might, I haven’t found anything to better this combination, even though it’s super expensive. The bristles on the liner pen just give the most perfect flicks, and the formula is thick and black. The mascara wand is made using a 3D printer and catches every little lash from root to tip. A good budget option for each? Bourjois Le Pinceau liquid liner, and L’Oreal Paris Paradise mascara.


Laura Mercier Glow Powder

As I mentioned in this month’s mag, I’ve never been one for loose powder – I always feel like I’m dulling my skin, and prefer to tip up foundation with a pressed blot powder during the day rather than set it at make-up time. However, this product has changed all that. It’s a loose translucent powder, but it contains loads of very finely milled highlighting particles, so it sets and illuminate all at once. A winner!


Anastasia Dip Brow

Finally, this is available in Ireland! I’ve been using it for years, stocking up in Sephora, but it’s now in both Arnotts and Brown Thomas, and simply the best brow product I’ve ever used. It does. Not. Budge. I wear medium brown and I apply it with the Anastasia angled brush that has a handy spooly on the end.

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