Er, WTF Are These Women Doing To Their Faces?

It might look cray, but it's majorly beneficial.

Bubble Mask Selfie

When it comes to face masks, the sheet mask has long reigned supreme, securing itself as a firm favourite among beauty bloggers and celebrities alike.

But now there’s a new mask in town, and it’s potentially even scarier looking that it’s sheet-based counterpart.

Introducing bubble masks, also known as foam or fizzy masks. Basically, when exposed to oxygen these mostly cream-based masks increase in volume and foam up on the skin.

And given the masks’, er, odd appearance they’ve fast become a social media craze, with tonnes of gals posting their #BubbleMaskSelfies to Instagram.

Bubble Mask selfie 2

Bubble mask selfie1

Bubble Masks

But bubble masks aren’t merely for show. Nuh-uh, they’re actually hugely beneficial. Originating in Korea, their foamy consistency, allows for much deeper cleansing, meaning that your skin gets a really thorough deep down clean.

Add to that, thanks to their ability for deep, down cleaning, the active ingredients are also able to penetrate more deeply.

Girls all over Instagram have been giving them rave reviews too, saying they both refresh and brighten the skin.

We guess that’s our weekend plans sorted then.