Euphoria’s MUA Is Releasing Her Very Own Beauty Brand

We already know this is gonna be next level.


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Euphoria has us hooked for many reasons; the amazing acting, the hard-hitting storylines, the fashion, and of course, the makeup.

Glittery, colourful, bold makeup looks have dominated social media since Euphoria started, which has been a welcome change for many creative people from the more simple ‘clean’ makeup looks that have been popular for so long.

If you’ve tried recreating the incredible looks from the show, you’ll soon be able to get the exact makeup from the brains behind the operation.

Donni Davy, the Emmy-award winning makeup artist behind the looks on the show, is set to launch her own brand very soon. The name of this euphoric brand? Half Magic.

The MUA has explained, however, that while it’s inspired by the show, it’s not just ‘Euphoria makeup’ as she hopes it goes beyond the show’s popularity.

“The makeup transcends the show,” she told Allure. “In its own way, it became its own entity, we want to go with that and not just be an accessory to the show, because at some point the show’s gonna be over.”


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Donni teamed up with A24, the film and TV studio that makes Euphoria, and she’ll serve as co-founder and creative director of the brand.

It’s set to land in May and will include glitter, eye pigments, lipsticks and of course, rhinestones. As well as all of the tools you may need to complete your look.

She also explained that she didn’t want to simply do a collab with a brand and wanted this to be her own project.

“I knew that if I was going to be involved with a brand, I’d want to be making stuff that doesn’t already exist on the market,” says Davy. “Picking out a fun palette with Nars or Colourpop would have been super fun and quick and easy. And an instant kind of gratification — because this is not instant gratification.”


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Michelle Liu, who is general manager of Half Magic also told Allure about how the brand came together. “Half Magic grew out of the global beauty cultural phenomenon created by Euphoria fans around the world.

“Creators behind the show [including Sam and Ashley Levinson, Kevin Turen, and A24] came together with Donni to continue evolving the conversation around self-exploration and self-expression. Providing fans with a brand and products to support that was a natural next step.”

Apparently, the products actually feature in Euphoria S2 episodes 7 and 8, so keep a close eye and you might get an inside look at what we’ll be getting in May!