Ever Wanted To Look Like Joey Tribbiani? Well Now You Can For a Mere €7K, Thanks To Balenciaga

Could I BE wearing any more clothes?!

Have you ever watched that episode of Friends when Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes and thought, that is a look. 

Well that is exactly what Balenciaga have done. The fashion house, known for pushing boundaries when it comes to style, have just released a new parka jacket which kinda, sorta, resembles the above image.

Now, while you’re all getting carried away thinking “Yes! That’s my Winter coat sorted now anyway”, it will set you back €7717.16. Ouch.

It could however be worth the investment. There is no way your Mam can give out to you for ‘catching your death’ when wearing it, and just think of all the food you could sneak into the cinema under it.

We have seen the future, and it is BRIGHT.


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