“Everyone Is Worthy” Instagram’s BodyPosiPanda On Negative Comments About Nike’s Plus Size Mannequin


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Earlier this month Nike unveils some new mannequins in their Oxford Circus store in London.

It received huge praise from fans who were happy to see more representation in the sports shop.

However, one journalist wrote a piece criticising the sports brand for ‘promoting obesity’ calling the plastic model ‘pre-diabetic’. SIGH!

There are a few things to note here, aside from the fact that you can’t tell how healthy a person from their size, if you really do think curvy people should lose weight, surely it’s helpful for them to be able to purchase exercise gear?

There was an outpour of rage on social media following this article, including a message from BodyPosiPanda.

The Instagram star, whose real name is Megan Crabbe, is known for promoting body positivity and embracing diversity.

Hitting out at the article and other negative comments, she said: “I thought I’d go and visit the babe responsible for thousands of fatphobes on the internet losing their shit this week. Apparently a fitness brand using mannequins above a UK size 8 is the most outrageously offensive thing that’s ever happened!” she said.

“Or to quote some of the comments I’ve seen – “dangerous”, “disgusting”, and “promoting death”. Imagine my surprise when I entered @nikelondon and the mannequin did not, in fact, try to kill me! We actually got along great and fully rocked this impromptu photoshoot.”

She pointed out that all types of people were shopping in the store, and therefore they should be catered to.

“And do you know what I noticed during my death-defying encounter with a plus size piece of plastic? People of all shapes and sizes were in the store. Some bigger than the mannequin, some smaller, and every single one deserves to see themselves represented and be catered for. Regardless of their fitness level. Whether they work out or not.”

“Whatever fatphobic wankers want to say about who can and cannot wear a pair of fucking leggings. Every one of us is worthy of being represented, celebrated, and seen. This is a very small step in the right direction, and the reaction to it has shown exactly how necessary it is,” she added.

Keep up the good work Nike, here’s hoping we see more of this from other stores.