Eww! These Close-Up Pictures Show Just How Filthy Dirty Make-Up Brushes Really Are

Prepare to want to disinfect everything.

Make-Up Brushes

We’ve heard it time and time again; unwashed make-up brushes are beyond vile, but no matter how much we hear about dull make-up and nasty infections, cleaning them still doesn’t seem to come all that high up on our to-do lists.

Fortunately, one Reddit user may have finally prompted us to change our ways for good thanks to some downright vile photos she posted online.

The pics in question show used make-up brushes up close and personal in all their dirty glory and it’s enough to have us running for the disinfectant.

“Friendly reminder to clean your brushes!” reads the caption. “Here’s some pictures I took of my brushes using my Mpow Macrow Lens and iPhone 6.”

The pics featured show a number of brushes that have been used to apply product for between one and three weeks – and they’re seriously grimy, look…

Make-Up Brush 1

Make-Up Brush

Make-Up Brushes 2

Gross! We don’t know about you but we’re off to wash ours in hot soapy water right this second.


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