EXCLUSIVE: Here’s The Exact €15.45 Foundation Nicole Scherzinger Uses For The X Factor

So THAT'S how she gets all glowy.

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Nicole Scherzinger is rarely seen looking anything less than #flawless, but even she goes the extra mile when it comes to live TV.

The Pussycat Dolls star works closely with her make-up artist Emma Osborne to create tailored looks for each of the X Factor live shows, and Stellar.ie spoke exclusively to Emma ahead of this week’s finals to find out what products she’s been using so far to give Nicole that signature glow.

Last week was Christmas Week on the show, so Emma and Nicole decided to go all out with drama, opting for a Fifties-esque look on the Saturday, and a vampy red lip to complement Nicole’s white bodycon gown on the Sunday night.

“Nicole already has perfect skin so it’s all about perfecting skin tone and contouring,” says Emma, who uses her “go-to” foundation, EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Liquid Foundation (€15.45) in a medium shade, 8.0, followed by a darker one, 11.0, to contour.

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“Flawless skin is the basis of all of Nicole’s looks,” says Emma. “I follow up foundation with EX1 Invisiwear Compact Powder (€8.45) to really enhance radiance without making the skin look overly made up.”

For eyes, Emma favours her Tom Ford eyeshadow compact and Tom Ford Ultra Length Mascara (€44), though she preps the eyes and lashes first using two Instant Effects products: the Instant Eye Lift Serum and the Instant Lash Volumiser, both €29.95. As for Sunday night’s lips, Emma went with a classic MAC shade, Russian Red (€20).

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So what’s in store for this week, the 2016 X Factor final? “I really want to make sure Nicole goes out with a bang for the final so it’s going to be extra special,” explains Emma. “There’ll be glowy, flawless skin for sure. Her lips and eyes are going to be magical, but that’s all on the DL for now!”

We can’t wait to see!


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