EYNTK About The Pyjama Trouser Trend

Who’s ready for a pyjama party?

Have you been dreaming of wearing your pjs to the office or sick of the odd looks you get for throwing a hoodie over your pyjama trousers to quickly grab that forgotten carton of milk for your morning coffee?

Well, dream no more as the controversial pyjama pants are this season’s hottest trend. Whether you plan to wear these loose linen trousers with a fitted tee for a long day of traveling, or are ready to hit snooze on the navy slacks and pair these trending Scandi trousers with a waistcoat or blazer for a more formal look, the options are endless.

Whilst you have been daydreaming about preparing the perfect pyjama trouser outfit, we have uncovered some chic looks and listed our favourite pantalon de pyjama for you to try out.


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Tine Van Cauwenberghe paired her pyjama pants with a pink boxy t-shirt, for a casual summer look.


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Audrey Lieutaud paired her pink pj inspired trousers with a white tee and black blazer for a more formal look.

If you are a shorter gal, why not add some platform sandals for that extra bit of height?


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Why not pair your blue linen trousers with a trench, a cropped tee, and some chunky trainers for that off duty look?

Here are a couple of options to check out.

Stradivarius €25.99

Zara €39.95

Les Soeurs €69.99

Next €33.50

New Look €39.99

Mango €49.99

ASOS €22.99