Forever Getting Fake Tan On Your Bed? This €27 Sheet Protector Will Be Your BFF

Keeping those white sheets *actually* white for more than a day.


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It’s a total catch 22, isn’t it? Nothing feels better than a fresh coat of tan, but then nothing irks us more than getting tan all over our sheets.

We go to bed bronzed and wake up with an equally bronzed bed, especially that patch underneath us.

But, without getting stuck into a rant about tan and transfer, we’re coming to you with good news today. It’s about a way to fix those tanning woes and no, it doesn’t involve anything that takes effort, it’s literally just a sheet for your bed and voila, no drama.

Available in Next, the retailer has started selling a self tan sheet protector which cleverly hooks on top of your pillows and then you sleep into the sleeping bag style pocket for a good night’s sleep without the mess.

Coming in shades dark grey or black, the luxurious sheet also comes with a nifty drawstring bag making it handy for traveling when we can do so again. Success.

You can purchase it online from Next online here for €27. And yeah, thank us later.

Here are some more options to shop  

1. Tan Republic tanning bed sheet in soft blush

Shop here €24.95 

2. Tannco tanning sleeping bag

Shop here €30

3. Tanzee bed protector in silver

Shop here €39.88

Sorted! No more feeling guilty about putting the “good sheets” on before tanning days, the joys of life.

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