Gigi Hadid Debuted A New Fringe This Weekend… And It Didn’t Go Down Well

Not her best look, unforch.

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Gigi Hadid could shave her hair into a green mohawk and she’d still be our girl crush, but some looks definitely suit her better than others.

The model took a risk at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, stepping onto the red carpet in LA with a bold, feathered fringe, rather than her usual relaxed beachy locks.

Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 10.28.22

Dressed in a fitted black pinstripe suit, lace bra and plunging yellow shirt, Gigi’s style was totally on point, but it was those bangs that got a mixed reaction from fans.

Was it a good look? Was it heinous? No-one could decide.

Either the model had been up late the night before or the new fringe framed her face in a very strange way – people weren’t too sure.

According to Vogue Australia though, the new look is actually a faux fringe insert, courtesy of Gigi’s stylist Bryce Scarlett, so the 20-year-old can have a look through all those red carpet snaps before making up her mind for good.

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Of course, in true Gigi DGAF style, the model was more interested in taking selfies with her bestie Kendall Jenner from their seats than checking Twitter for reactions to her new hairstyle.

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