Glossier Is Bringing Out A Spot Zapper – But Here’s Why We Can’t Get It In Ireland Just Yet

Please just take our money and give it to us god damn it!

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that spots are NOT fun.

So when US beauty brand Glossier announced their new revolutionary zit zapping product we were all “Shut up and take our money!!”

That was until we realised that the product would in fact not be available to purchase if you live in Ireland.

The product claims to be the equivalent of a stain remover, but for your spots.

Designed for women on the go, you can pop this product both under and over your make up. Meaning that all those times we applied our foundation only to then realise that we have a burning spot brewing under our skin will be a thing of the past. One click of the Zit Stick and you’re good to go.

So why is it not available in Ireland, I hear you cry!

Well, that is because the formula contains the spot fighting benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient which is not available over the counter in Europe – meaning that us and the rest of Europe will just have to be spotty dotties for the time being.

However, don’t fret too much! The brand is currently working on a benzoyl peroxide-free version of the stick that will launch in Europe early next year. We’ll just have to bide our time I suppose.


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