Great News! Aldi Has Released Another Pixi Beauty Dupe

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If there’s one thing you can guarantee in this life, it’s a cult beauty dupe. When one high-end beauty product is created, another cheaper, knock-off version will be in the works too alongside that. 

Some receive these copycat products with contempt, while others stockpile them to within an inch of their life, and tbh we see both sides of the argument. 

Sorting out those of us who err on the side of loving a bargain, Aldi has dropped yet another Pixi beauty dupe, and we want to get our hands on it asap. 

Recreating the Pixi Vitamin C Tonic, Aldi is selling their Lacura Healthy Glow Toner at a very affordable 4.99, while the Pixi Tonic retails at 20.45. 


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You may already recognise Aldi’s Lacura products, and that’s because the brands range has been knocking about for some time, with their Healthy Toner dupe making waves in the beauty world back in 2018. Now, the product has had a little makeover, with different packaging and some slight differences to its ingredients – making it even better than it was before. 

Taking a look deeper into just how similar the two are, the ingredients list differ slightly, but both contain the same important ingredients such as glycolic acid, glycerin, and ginseng root extract, which are key to getting that ~glow~. 

Although they have updated their product, it’s clear to see where Aldi have compromised on their ingredients, explaining the miniscule price tag, but if you’re someone who doesn’t care too greatly about perfecting an extensive skincare routine or are on a bit of a budget, this dupe will do just nicely – sound Aldi!


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