Gross! This Is How Your Boyfriend Could Be Causing Your Acne

Grounds for a split? We think so!

Regina George Pimple

You’ve upped your water intake, cut out inflammatory foods and adjusted your skincare routine yet still those pimples persist.

Well, we’re sorry to tell you but if you’re regularly sharing a pillow with your other half it could very well be him that’s to blame. It’s all down to a little something called consort acne, and it’s basically caused by sharing towels, sheets and pillowcases.

You see, while it’s nice to get all up close and personal with your bae, this exposes you – and your pores – to foreign facial oils. And it doesn’t take a derma to work out what happens next – those alien oils clog up your pores and cause nasty breakouts.

But it’s not just your boyf’s oily skin you need to worry about; if he’s prone to using hair gel, that can find it’s way into your skin too. Even his stubble, his face wash and his moisturiser can cause irritation to your skin.

So what should you do? Well, before you consider giving your boy the boot, pay attention to his skincare routine and ask him to switch to oil-free, non-comedogenic products.

Next up, make sure you keep things skin-friendly by ensuring any shared bedding or towels get a regular wash to prevent the build up of pore-clogging bacteria.

See? No need to breakup over blemishes after all.


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