Gross Warning: Dr Pimple Popper Does Her Worst – And Now It’s All About Cysts

Yes, we said cysts. We're putting blackheads on the back burner and giving the big guns our undivided attention. Here, the excision doc gives us all kinds of feels as she takes on a pilar cyst.


We heart a good pimple popper vid and cause it’s Friday, we’ve got an extra special treat for you Josie Grossie’s. If you’ve become accustomed to worm like strings of pus, massive blackheads and stubborn in-grown hairs, you’re ready to make the transition to cysts.

In this particular clip, Dr Lee pops a great big pilar cyst and it’s epic. We won’t ruin the surprise but let’s just say the end result is pretty surprising – some YouTubers have even commented┬áthat they would like to eat the foodie looking remains. Yep. (oh, god)


Although we’re still quite partial to Mr. Wilson’s goldmine of a nose, this new scalp excision is right up there in terms of satisfaction.

Enjoy! (or, er, not)