Guess What? Your Dad’s Holiday Sandals Are Now In Fashion

He obviously knew a trend was brewing back in 1998.


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Every dad has a pair of dad sandals. You know, the pair that make their annual appearance during your family holiday in Spain. Usually with a few paint splatters on them from the time he used them as “paint shoes” and more often than not, were purchased about 15 years ago during a sale in Clarks.

Yep, every dad seems to have the same pair, like, did they plan this or what?

Well, anyway, wasn’t he totally onto something with his sandal and sock combo because not only is that very same combo seen as “stylish” for summer 2020, but the thick strapped sandals are in fashion too thanks to Chanel.

As you’ve probably seen, the Chanel sandal is all over the ‘gram for this season but at a price ranging upwards of €600, they’re not a pair we’re all going to be rushing to the shops to pick up.


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Thankfully (or is it?) every fashion brand has created their own take on the sandal, so you can wear them for cheaper if the trend tickles your fancy. Just be prepared for your da to be saying “I told you so”, it’s coming.

River Island 

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And obviously, let’s not forget the socks to team with the sandals. You can buy Nike socks for 13 quid over here.


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